Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm Done With You, Sock

And I really like the way it turned out with the different toe.  See?  Don't you like the way it looks?  I knew you would.

As I sat on the back step taking pictures of the new sock on my foot I glanced up to see the sun veritably glowing behind that big maple tree behind Lee and Susie's.  I couldn't resist.  

Oh, and Amazon says that all my "new" pawn shop camera's doodads I need to get it up and running have shipped and should get here next week... before we leave for 2 weeks.  Whew.  I suppose I should have paid for faster shipping but to be honest I didn't think of it and am already paying a dollar more in shipping than one item cost.  That seems like such a bad idea.

Yesterday morning at work I got Chapter 10 edited and rekeyed.  Hooray!

In the afternoon I had two customers (at separate times, thank god) who shopped and shopped.  It was fun to have people to help fit masks and fins and wetsuits on.  Most of the time our customers know exactly what they want, come in, buy it, and go away.  Or they come in for airfills, so there's not a lot of "selling" going on.  Yesterday was different, both customers are at the very beginning of their SCUBA odysseys so we got to look at all the cool stuff and talk about how things work and why one might work better for them than another.  Way too much fun.

Durwood took his van in for a checkup and oil change yesterday afternoon so he called to say that I could park in the garage when I got home from work.  It felt odd, really odd to pull into that dark box and leave my little red car in that cavernous space that his van fills nearly to capacity, but I did it.

August 8--Louis Comfort Tiffany, Vase.  The iridescent glass looked gold from one angle but when the light shifted a green film grew on it.  Kate touched a piece of broken glass with her shoe.  It skittered across the floor and...

And that's when I fell dead asleep because I stayed up til midnight reading C.J. Box's new short story collection.  Sorry.  Haven't got a clue why or how the vase got broken or who Kate is.  (C.J. Box writes books about Joe Pickett who is a WY Game Warden who gets himself tangled up in lots of crime.  Yeah, they're repetitive, it's a series after all but I love the scenery and I absolutely adore his friend Nate who is an ex-black ops guy who's still lethal and trains falcons, but wants to live a peaceable life.)  Now it's time to go play with maps and guidebooks and Post-it notes.  Woohoo.

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