Wednesday, August 13, 2014


After heating up my coffee I grabbed my camera to come in here and blog.  That's when I saw that a hummingbird had come for a morning sip or three.  I got it.  I managed to get my camera turned on, take one flash photo, disable the flash, and take 2 more before it zoomed off.  I gotcha!

The clouds this morning were especially interesting, I thought, all layered, gray, and peachy.  Yesterday's rain simmered down in the morning so we had a mostly cloudy day, cloudy and cool, I don't think it got much above 70 degrees.  I'm thinking I might just pack a pair of long jeans and a sweatshirt.  It might be that cool up in the mountains next week.

After a lot of thought, frogging, and reworking I finished the Linen Hankie Washcloth last night.  I used Knit Picks CotLin DK weight cotton and linen yarn, and spent an hour crocheting the edging and then when I was halfway through deciding I didn't like the way it looked so I frogged it and did it my way.  It's almost like the pattern, I just did all of the *2dc, ch2, 2dc* in the same stitch instead of in 2 stitches side by side, I like the way it looks better.  I even did a cloth side alternating the pattern way and my way just to see which one I liked.  That's not like me, or it's not the way I used to be before the BLKG Design-a-Thon earlier this year.  That little challenge gave me permission to KNIT THE WAY I WANTED TO and the pattern be damned.  That's powerful stuff.  Anyway, I really like the washcloth and I'm sorting through my cottons in my head to see how I can make the next one.  It'll be colorful, not so neutral, although the neutrals are soothing rather than jarring.  I like 'em both.

August 13--United States, Coat.  "That's what we're supposed to be wearing?" Andi gawped at the dark green linen tail coat hanging from the closet door.  "Number one, it's butt-ugly and second there's no room for my boobs."  Rita crossed her arms over her own ample set.  "What was she thinking?  I've heard of brides deliberately picking ugly bridesmaids dressed but this takes the cake.  I'm not wearing it."  "Well, do you love it?"  Andi and Rita turned to see a smiling Sue in the doorway.  "I just know the two of you are going to look incredible."  "Love it," they said, "can't wait for the wedding."  Rita leaned over to whisper in Andi's ear.  "If we don't go to Hell for lying first."

What are friends for?  I just downloaded the new Cormoran Strike novel by Robert Galbraith who is really J.K. Rowling in disguise.  (I still think of that agent or lawyer who blabbed when the first Cormoran Strike book wasn't doing so well.  I know he lost his job but wonder if he was a scapegoat to get the book new life.)  I'm anxious to get in the car so I can start listening.  Time to yog, dress, and get off to work.  Gotta keep the world safe from SCUBA diving, you know.


Victoria Jicha said...

Love the washcloth. I'd love the pattern if you'd like to share. See you tomorrow. Envious of your trip west. It will be great!

Aunt B said...

That washcloth is to pretty to be a mere washcloth! Good job! Hope you like the new book. I think it's better than her first one (as the pseudonym).