Sunday, November 13, 2011

Writing Promptly

It was a little difficult to get my brain wrestled back into the swing of nightly writing. I've been feeling like I was hit over the head with a 2 X 4 for the last 3 weeks, maybe more since Mom was in the hospital for a week before she went to rehab where she passed away after 5 days. So it's been more like 5 weeks that I've been in the middle of this particular whirlwind. Today TW, AJ, and I met at Mom's and pulled out all the things in cupboards, closets, under beds, and anywhere else she hid, uh, stored things. We took some tables in to set things out and next Sunday we plan to finish up sorting and price things, then we'll be ready to have an Estate Sale the weekend after Thanksgiving so that we'll attract deer hunting widows. That was AJ's idea. Pretty good, eh? Look! I cleaned out the doll room closet! It's a small triumph but very appreciated.

November 12--Edmund C. Coates, Bay and Harbor of New York from Bedlow's Island. Sarah had been down to the harbor many times. She loved the noise and the sounds of so many voices from so many countries. The ships sailing in or out brought spices and goods from all over the globe. She had been sent into town to deliver a dress order for her mistress. That errand had been swiftly done, and she had slipped down two blocks from Mrs. Parkins' Dress Shop to breathe in the salty air and to dream of one day seeing other parts of the world.

See? Not exactly a rip-roaring return to the page but a return nevertheless.

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Aunt B said...

I am so impressed to see the back wall of that closet!!! And the idea of having the sale on that weekend is really a good one. You're going to deserve another weekend at The Clearing once this is all over and done with. XXX