Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I meant to type that yesterday but time got the best of me and it was late when we got home from Shawano where we football-watched and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate. Now I wish I'd gone outside to play a bit of football with the kids just to tamp down the nacho lunch before the turkey dinner. Everything was delicious. Durwood's Gruyere dip was an enormous hit, and both the Semolina bread we spread it on and the traditional Malcolm holiday onion bread were perfect. I'm the bread maker around here and I do a pretty darned good job, if I do say so myself. It was good for me to be away from here and all the boxes and proximity to Mom's apartment for the day. I couldn't go over and work and I refused to stew about it. For once in my life I lived in the moment. I hope that all of you have an overstuffed, family-filled day. The pumpkin pie was made with our great-grand eggs (that's the products of our grand-chickens Henny & Penny) and was a triumph. Durwood and I have to scarf down our store-bought eggs so we can get us some of those eggs for ourselves. "The girls" are each laying an egg a day which is a lot for DS & DIL1 to deal with. We offered to help. Isn't that nice of us? DIL1's cousin KZ made a pecan pie with bourbon that was to die for. To. Die. For. I commanded her to make me one for my birthday and I commanded my birthday to move from September to today but I'm guessing those commandments fell on deaf ears. There was an excess of wine in the room. Also hilarity. It was an excellent day. Thanks to the Z's for inviting us. Handwritten thanks are in the mail. (yeah, yeah, it's in the mail. we've all heard that but this time it's really true. really) At 9:00 PM Wednesday night I finally ran out of doll room stuff to tape shut and price. Fi. Nall. Y. If you'd told me that I'd spend the better part of a week just getting that room ready I'd have scoffed at you. Yes, scoffed. But I am the proof. All of the stuff's not totally tidied up and a few things need to be priced but come hell or high water the sale will go on tomorrow and Sunday, and the rest will go to charity next week. Thank the Lord. I suspect that Mom's motto was "Too much is not enough" especially in the doll making area, but I do believe we've got a handle on it now. We're moving ahead even if it's wrong. Moving, that's the important part. Now I need a flamethrower to clear out my living room. I've enlisted (okay, drafted) DS to help next week or the week after. It shall be done. We shall see the living room carpet once again in 2011. I has spoken.

November 24--Felix Bracquemond, Soup Plate. The plates were beautiful. Hand painted, Baye could tell. She'd been buying old dinnerware in all different patterns. Baye hated things all matchy-matchy, it made her nervous. She'd never seen a soup plate like this one. It had a slightly scalloped edge and a strutting turkey in the center. The plate was edged in dry brushed black or charcoal and there was a sprig of thyme on one edge, a moth (not a butterfly but a moth) on the top, and a fly, a common housefly, on the left. It was the fly that made her stop to consider. Would her guests glance down and think that there was a fly in their soup? Would they laugh or shudder? She decided that she'd take them home. They make her laugh. The rest of the world could go... hang.

Gotta go eat my Cheerios and then I get to pick Porter up from the kennel and take her to work with me while Durwood braves the Black Friday crowds. Eek.

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