Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You eBay?

A friend, BLV, stopped into the dive shop yesterday and listened to me complain about having too much stuff and wanting to clear out this winter. He suggested that I help Durwood learn how to sell stuff on eBay. Said he'd done it, so how hard could it be? I asked what he'd sold, thinking dive gear or the little model ships he builds, and he said he sold his old Harley to a guy in Australia for eight grand. Remember the buyer pays shipping so BLV said that a big truck showed up at his house and took that motorcycle away to be shipped Down Under. Amazing! The first thing I want to do is box up all the old computer stuff and get rid of that (at the dump or wherever you take that stuff to recycle it), then I'll start sorting out all the other random crapola that we've kept for way too long. Maybe Durwood can sell some of it and save us from having a rummage sale next spring. That'd be good. (Hmm, I could sort my books...) I went out to our storage locker before work and unearthed the shadow box and cane seat sewing rocker to put in the estate sale this weekend. Oh, that reminds me, I need to write the ad and get it called into the newspaper, Craig's List too. Good thing I'm at work so I'll have plenty of time to get it done. It's quiet here. Mr. Boss thinks that I'll be really busy on Black Friday but I have my doubts. I guess I'll see what happens on the day.

November 21--Paolo Aquilano, Kneeling Virgin. She wasn't a blond. You know she wasn't a blond since she was from the Middle East, but there she is all narrow-featured, pale--and blond. It has always made me scratch my head that throughout hundreds of years artists have always painted Mary and Jesus and the rest of them with the same ethnicity as themselves. Same clothes too. I think it shows a lack of imagination and a narrow view of the rest of the world. But then I'd probably have been burned at the stake before I was twenty-one back then.

Nothing like a little rant to end the day on a crabby note. Stay cool.


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