Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Too Much

Life suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) feels like too much. In addition to the estate sale and Thanksgiving, we're taking advantage of the lower interest rates and refinancing our mortgage so we can pay it off faster. I do not need one more thing to think about. I worked a bit at the apartment last night and did not get done so I'll be back there tonight. Maybe I'll just go right from work so I have the whole evening to get things done, then maybe I can relax a bit tomorrow. I am thrilled that we're going to be gone all day tomorrow to DIL1's parents place. We'll watch the game (go, Pack!)(oh, I hope I didn't jinx them) and then all pitch in to make the turkey supper after the game. I'm taking a bunch of knitting projects so I'll have lots to choose from. This morning I've got the onion bread dough rising, it'll get baked before I go to work, so that'll be done. (We're taking a couple loaves of Italian Semolina bread too, for the Gruyere dip Durwood's making as an appetizer.) I should unload the pictures from the back of Durwood's van but don't know where I'd go with them. Under the bed, yeah, that's where I'll put the big ones. I unearthed the sewing rocker and the shadow box from the storage yesterday (without breaking an ankle) so they're at the apartment to be sold. I'd love to keep all the things that remind me of Mom and my childhood and all those folks but I'm content with my memories. I have a vivid imagination and a looooong memory (as those who know me know) so I've really got all I need filed away in my head and heart. Once this sale is over I'm going to enlist the help of DS to make some room downstairs and find places to stash things. He'll help me, he's a good boy, um, man. Aw, hell, he's still my boy no matter how old he gets, just like DD will always be my best baby girl. (Sorry, guys, that's just the way it is.) I'd better get a move on, I still have to eat breakfast and shower and it's 8:40. Time's a wasting.

November 22--Japan, Uniform. Hu washed in cold water in the pale dawn light. His small fire did little to dispel the chill of the night but it was enough to heat his mug of leftover tea and keep his bread from freezing. If he were rich he might have a bit of red bean paste to smear across the bread with his thumb but all he had was a little duck fat. He sliced a white radish that brought its own heat to his day. He heard the creak of old Moh's cart as he loaded up for market and knew he should hurry. He planned to walk down into the valley to look for a job in the post office. His old teacher had said they were hiring so he planned to go apply. He thought he would be very happy with a route to deliver. He also though he would look very good in one of the dark blue uniforms. Girls like a man in a uniform.

No radishes for me today, only Cheerios with a banana. Decadent.

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