Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ack! Snowflakes!

There we sat minding our business this sunny morning and snowflakes, yes, SNOWFLAKES came tumbling out of the sky. They were riding the sharp, cold wind in the sunshine and they weren't melting when they landed. I saw 'em. They landed on the patio and just stayed there. No, no, no, no, NO. Not time for snowflakes. Not yet. I have too much to do within the next two weeks for snow to come and stay. After that, well, I'll deal but not in November, no sirree bob. I went to Mom's bank and closed out her accounts this morning. I transferred all the money left in them to the estate account I set up at the bank closer to my house so now it's all in one place and if someone tries to deposit or withdraw from them they're no longer there. Like I said, things are moving along. I got about 1/4 of the doll room boxes taped and marked last night. That room is like quicksand; I get in there and get sucked into doing other things. Last night I first made certain that I had gathered all the feet and tools and manuals for each of the sewing machines, then I got out the tape and the big marker and started at the top left of the first shelving unit. My idea worked rather well. I checked inside the box, moving any pattern to the bottom so it can be seen through the plastic, then I taped around and around so it can't be opened and marked a price on the tape in 2 places. There's just too much stuff and it's mostly jumbled together to allow people to pick and choose. We'd be there for a year just getting it organized. This way the boxes are reasonably priced for their size and contents so that, hopefully, most of it will sell. If not, somebody's getting a huge donation. It's the only way. Yesterday I made sure to cancel all the magazine subscriptions Mom had (that I've found so far anyway), and there were a bazillion, mostly food mags. Already I've gotten 3 refund checks from publishers (over $100!) to put into the estate account. You just never think of how much you spend on stuff like that, do you? It's very relaxing being at work these days. Not because there're no customers, there are a few, but because I can't do estate work here. I can only post to the blogs or knit while listening to my iPod. Ahhh.

November 16--Central Asia, Shaft-Hole Axe Head with Bird-Headed Demon, Boar, and Winged Dragon. Karak kept one pair of eyes on the huge boar coming at him from the left. He could smell the swamp and see the greenish cast to the bristles that covered the grunting wild pig. The creature made low grunting sounds as it pushed through the rushes. Right before his other pair of eyes a winged dragon landed near the path and exhaled a plume of smoke.

Dagnabbit! I was rolling, all ready to keep going but I fell asleep. Next time.


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