Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Sale Day!

and I have to work. Ah well, the sale is in TW and AJ's capable hands with Durwood along to be cashier. I went over to help at the very beginning and it was a crush. Both sewing machines sold in the first few minutes (yay!) and a lot of small things went streaming out too. Cash in/stuff out, always a good mantra. I fear that we're going to be left with most of the plastic boxes in the doll room since I taped them shut so people can't pick through. I can work out a way to realize some $$ from them if they don't sell. I'm nothing if not resourceful. I'm just glad that we managed to get organized and get the sale going so quickly. We rock. Now the next hurdle is to get it all out and get the apartment cleaned to their specs to get the security deposit back. We have got to be able to pay Mom's bills since none of us can afford to shell out for them. Damned credit cards.

November 25--Middle Arabian Peninsula, Incense Burner. It was the little bronze goat on the thing that caught Newman's eye. Adele had dragged him through bazaar after bazaar and each one was just as dark and smelly as the last one. He hated the familiar way the shop keepers reached out to draw them into their cramped shops. "Come inside, ma'am, come inside." Adele was sure she would find a treasure to take home, something worth more than anyone but she imagined. But the day was hot and it was hotter inside. They had seen too many cheaply made trinkets and garish t-shirts when Newman spotted the little goat perched on the back of a brass cup of some sort.

Ah, that Newman's got an eye for goats. Can you imagine how those places smell? Ugh. Come to our sale tomorrow, all prices reduced!


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