Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stealth Knitting Revealed

It took me a while, but I made Fish Hats for my "kids." They're not really kids, they're not kids at all, but they are my children and their partners, and they deserve goofy hats. I had fun picking out the yarn and the colors for each one, and I enjoyed knitting them. I made my fishes live by using bright yellow buttons for the pupils. I just couldn't bring myself to embroider a big black X on the white felt circle to make them dead fish. Just couldn't do it. (I forgot to take a portrait of Fish Hat 4, so Anne if you read this, please lay it out, take its picture, and send it to me. Thanks.)

Durwood doesn't knit, he plays with wood, so he built birdhouses for the kids for Christmas that he finished on Christmas morning. I painted them--after Christmas, but the kids liked them and the birdies will love them. I hope he makes more for me to hang in the back yard. *hint, hint*

morning it was foggy and cold, so the fog droplets froze onto the naked trees. For just a few minutes after the fog burned off or all froze to the trees, this is what it looked like. I'm very impressed that I managed to get pictures before it melted away.


telaine said...

Yay for fish hats!! :-) And those foggy tree photos are amazing and so pretty!

rochard said...

First, I wasn't able to sign in a few days ago to comment on the tree, which is wonderful. You have such creativity.

Next, the fish hats--which I've never seen before--are equally wonderful. I love them! All the kids look adorable. As does D and the birdhouses. Great stuff happening at your place these days! Happy Holidays to all.