Monday, December 28, 2009

Coming Up for Air

This morning before the sun rose, both of our children and their partners drove/flew away back to their homes. The gifts are put in their proper places and the extra beds are put away. We have to figure out what to eat from the leftovers and climb laboriously back onto the healthy eating and exercising bandwagons. A week of eating salty and sweet snacks is plenty and I miss getting up in the early morning and dancing around the living room with my Wii Fit.

Now it's time to reflect on the accomplishments of 2009 and contemplate the adventures coming in 2010. I don't believe in resolutions (probably because my innerHitler is such a nag), so I plan adventures and make short-term promises like working out daily for one month. Anyone can do something for a month; that's no time at all, right? What are you looking forward to in the new year?

December 28--Indian School, Swing Festival. Lush and green, the garden steamed in the midday heat, while the women played as if they were children. The Swing Festival took them back to their carefree days, letting them pretend for a moment that they were young and their whole lives were yet to come. The favored wives and the concubines sang and laughed together for this one day, their petty squabbles put aside. Overlooking the garden, their lord sat reclined on silken pillows, his arm holding that day's favorite close as he smiled down at his women. He thought they looked like flowers waving in the breeze and he decided that there should be a festival once a week so he could feast his eyes on their smooth bodies in the sun.

Eh. Not crazy about the art today, and no inspired by any part of it. Tomorrow will be better. I also need to go get next year's Art calendar so I'll have something to write about next year. I'm liking using a picture rather than a word or sentence.

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