Monday, December 28, 2009

New Purse!

Last month (only last month? really???) after mall walking, I went shopping with my friend Dusty to find fabric so she could make me a new purse. Dusty is a quilter who knits and she makes lovely and practical things with fabric, like coasters and potholders and notebook covers, but she also designs purses and I needed a new one in the worst way. I found the perfect fabric, 100% cotton, black with red kanji characters and gold seals on it. She wasn't crazy about the fabric, I think she actually hated it, but she made the purse. It is perfect. It has pockets everywhere with Velcro and zippers and buttons. I love it. Mom keeps trying to steal it but I'm holding onto it real tight.

I got a knitted squid cellphone holder from DD for Christmas so my phone stops getting lost in purses not made by Dusty. It's even lined! Very cool.

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