Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frigid but Sunny

I love it when it's bright and sunny in the winter but that also usually means that it's bitter cold, so it's a trade-off. What do I want--moderate temps or sunshine? I'll take sunshine every time.

December 29--African, Kwele initiation mask from the Congo. Laht shivered even though the night was hot. The sound of the men murmuring as they stood just outside the ring of firelight reminded him of his part in the night's ritual. Laht stood alone in the dark trees on the outskirts of the village. He was naked except for the white painted mask tied onto his head with hide strings. He had been the best of his age-mates when Papa Heinrich had gathered them together in front of his hut to teach them the songs and dances, stories and legends they needed to learn in order to be men. Laht had always been a show-off, loud and boisterous, and he learned fast, so he had been the best at dancing the patterns in the dry yellow dust of Papa's courtyard. But now he didn't feel like dancing. He wanted to be back tucked behind his mother in the safety of the women's circle. He fingered his manhood as he stood there. It was important that it look big, look fierce when he danced into the light, and the longer he stood there in the dark the smaller it got. The beat of the singing sped up and the men's voices got deeper and louder, soon his moment would come. A cramp shot deep into his bowels and he nearly turned and ran but he caught the high sweet song of Nyra, the prettiest girl in the village, calling him and he straightened, his hands came up in the correct pose, and he ran into the light, knees pumping and his manhood proud as he played his part to become a man.

I like it. I can see it in my head; I hope you can too. Only 3 more days and 2009 will be over. Did you get some things accomplished in '09? Are you better, or just older? Make 2010 even better. I know you will.

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