Monday, July 4, 2011

Day Off #4

Yesterday was a good day. I did all the things I said I would--got a haircut and a watch battery, bought "on sale" annuals to plant in backyard pots, and played with watercolors. It's great to relax. Supper was leftovers with a fresh salad from the pot on the patio and an orange shared for dessert. I had planned to stay up a bit to watch some Netflix but I got sleepy around 10:30 and hit the hay. Doesn't that sound like a good day? Yeah, I think so too. Today I need to zip over to Mom's and then I might do a bit of sewing. This evening DS and I will find a spot to watch the fireworks together since Durwood can't walk that distance and DIL1 has to work. And there's still tomorrow!

July 3--August Renoir, Hills Around the Bay of Moulin Huet, Guernsey. Jean's strides lengthened almost to a run as he moved downhill. Bec rollicked along at his side chasing butterflies and floating seeds. "You make a fool of yourself," he said to her when she returned to his side after chasing a bumblebee. "Who will take you
seriously if they see you chasing insects?" Bec licked the hand swinging at his side and he leaned forward to rub her ears. His foot caught in a tangle of vines and he fell. The barrel of the shotgun flew up and banged into his eyebrow opening a gash sending blood streaming down his face. "Damn," he said, pulling a folded handkerchief out of his pocket and pressing it to his wound. He picked up his gun and slung it over his shoulder, whistled to Bec, and started toward home again being more careful where he stepped.

Happy 4th of July! Make your own fireworks today. Grill something.

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