Sunday, August 12, 2012

While I Have Internet Access...

I thought I'd blog just in case the NoDak Motel in Dickinson doesn't have wi-fi.  Yesterday's drive was long but uneventful.  We switched drivers every 100 miles or so, naturally I had to go potty lots more than Durwood did.  But that also meant that we had to leave the interstate to find a potty--in Evansville.  Evansville, Minnesota that is.  It's really a one-horse town a couple miles off the highway, but there's a gas station with public restrooms, thank god.  Our Fargo motel isn't far off I-94 and there's a family (non-chain) restaurant right next door.  And a Kmart across the street where we bought Durwood a watch since he forgot his.  The coolest thing we saw was an eagle sitting on a snag in a little wetland right near Hwy. 29 just wet of Shawano.  It was so close I thought I could have petted it.  Well, kids, we've eaten our granola with milk and it's nearly my turn in the bathroom.  I'll try to be back tomorrow.  Time to drive!

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