Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Basically Obsolete

Did you know that not only can you no longer get travelers' checks at the bank and that most merchants don't even accept them anymore?  This was an unhappy surprise to Durwood yesterday when we went to the bank to get some.  He's too distrustful of debit cards, thinks if one's lost or stolen it'd be too easy for someone to drain our account (and he's probably right although the bank lady said we wouldn't be liable if that happened but you know it'd be a huge hassle), so we're taking a bit of cash and using credit cards for the rest.  It's hard (and slightly disorienting) to be yanked into the future like this.  I remembered hearing something about that a few years back but didn't pay it any mind because we weren't traveling, not big enough to need them at any rate, so it wasn't such a surprise to me, plus I roll with progress a bit easier than he does.  I got a call from Lucie yesterday afternoon and went over to get 4 bins of clothes that need labeling. My first job "sewing for dollars"!  (just what I need this week)  The good part was that her tiny baby was lying on a quilt on the floor buck nekkid just cooing and flapping her arms and legs and blowing raspberries when I talked to her.  (I miss babies.  I miss nursing them too.)  I also got a couple packages of extra bobbins so I don't have to reload one of the few bobbins I had.  They were even 30% off.  Good ol' Hancock.  So instead of watching "The War" on PBS or the Olympics last night I went downstairs and figured out how to sew in labels.  The learning curve was short and steep so within one or two garments I had a rhythm going and I also fixed all but one of the repairs (that one needs hand-sewing and I suck at that), and I've got thread, a notebook to record my time in, and my portable-est machine all ready to toss into Beverly (put into, not toss really, it's just an expression, tsk) to take to work.  Hey, if it isn't busy I might as well get some sewing done, right?  Right.  *nods confidently*  And maybe since she was there on Monday, maybe Mrs. Boss won't be there today so I won't feel self-conscious.  A-a-a-and DS is stopping in this afternoon to help me figure out how to upload my iTunes to my Kindle.  Amazon says you can but I can't or haven't figured it out and I'd like it done before we mosey away Saturday on our Western Progress, I reckon, y'all.  (no, no, Barbara, y'all's down South, not out West, geez)  I have GOT to stop staying up until midnight.  Six and a half hours is NOT enough sleep for me.  I'm too old to get by on that little, just one more hour would do me just fine.  This morning my eyes are burning and I have a dull headache (hmm, maybe I should take an Aleve... done)  Today's Photo a Day theme is "glasses" so I took this picture of my reading glasses on top of my prompt notebook on the nightstand.  I wish I was sleeping next to them right now.

August 8--Syria, Pyxis.  "It looks like a normal pottery cookie jar," Sheila said.  Elaine cradled the small ceramic as if it was her baby.  "It's really old, Sheel, really old and it still has its lid."  She ran her hand over it lovingly.  "Are you sure?" Sheila said; she shook  her head.  "We're in Goodwill, people don't usually give priceless antiquities to Goodwill."  Her friend pulled a couple sweatshirts off a rack and put them into the cart, then she nestled the jar and lid into the soft fabric.  "What was it used for?" Sheila asked.  Elaine smiled and said, "Oh, it's a funerary jar.  There used to be someone's ashes in there."  Sheila followed her toward the checkout.  "Remind me never to eat cookies at your house again."

Hey, it's August 8th today and that means it's my cousin Maureen's 61st birthday.  Even though I haven't seen her in a coon's age I remember.  Happy birthday, Maureen!  Hope it's a happy one.  Now I'm going to go eat some of my Aldi brand, ersatz Special K with red berries (meh), shower, and get my hinder to work.  Yay, work.  (As much as I'm looking forward to the next two weeks, I'm looking forward to being at The Clearing starting Sept. 8 even more.  Hey, that's only one month from today.  Hooray!  I could use a week's peace and solitude.  Really.  I love my life and the people in it, but I need a break.)

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