Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog, Freakout, Pack

I think that's my list for the rest of today.  I've already walked along the river trail with Skully, cashed my paycheck (and spent most of it, gah, I hate that), gotten my nails done, shopped Goodwill, and bought a case of 10 reams of paper that was on sale at Office Depot.  (See where my pay went?  Out, that's where.)  Good thing Durwood and I are going to the bank to get traveler's checks (I lobbied for a debit card but he's not a fan) and while I'm there I'm cashing in my cup o'coins even though it's not quite full.  The moths in my wallet are hungry and need an infusion of cash, besides we're running away from home soon and I can't have an empty wallet.  Durwood said he'd give me $10 for walking around money and he'd expect an accounting when I asked for more.  Don't laugh, we know someone who did that, granted it was years and years ago, but still isn't that a scary thought?  I can't decide what to pack.  I'm definitely taking enough underwear and socks for the entire 2 weeks, but it's the shirts, shorts, capris, and long jeans I'm in a quandary about.  I think I'll skip the shorts and make do with capris for day and jeans for night.  I found a cotton zip cardi at Goodwill that's sweatshirt outside and very light waffle weave inside that should be great for mornings and evenings.  Then I thought I'd throw in a hoodie for if it really gets cold and I need something thicker and my head's cold, and my fleece lined vest that I bought at The Clearing years ago with some fingerless mitts in the pockets just in case it's really chilly at night when I want to sit outside communing with the universe.  Because that's totally what I want to do when we're staying in the park and maybe on other nights too.  I hope there'll be a log or something I can sit on out there.  Better pack a blanket I can sit on just in case.  I suspect I could fill up the Durwood's battleship of a van with "just in case" things.  And there has to be room for my various knitting Works In Progress.  I have many and I'm not loyal to one at a time.  I flit from afghan block to preemie hat to sock to cotton towel and back with manic irregularity.  I need my stuff.  I suspect there won't be many yarn shops out on the Plains.  No matter, I have enough yarn to choke a horse, or maybe I should say a goat since they're known to eat anything.  Porter chomped on my yarn once (my fault for leaving it out) and didn't eat it, just unwound a ball and made a giant snarl.  Oh, we should get a move on.  Today's theme is "8 o'clock."  Here's the view from my place at the table this morning, make of it what you will. No prompt writing last night, I stayed up too late watching the Olympics.  Adios, muchachas.

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Aunt B said...

Don't forget that somewhere along the line you can do laundry. Even in the wild, wild west there's got to be a washing machine somewhere!!